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Human Resource Development

Plans for Human Resource Development

We are carrying out the following five human resource development programs.

Student Advisory System [Office for Promotion of Graduate Education]

To establish a system of guidance to develop doctoral students with a wider scope not only in the field of information science and technology, we will establish an advisory committee for each student with four or more advisors.  The advisory committee will have at least one instructor outside the student’s lab and at least one person who is a researcher in an integrative or separate field or who is an influential figure outside the university, whether at an overseas institution or in industry.  Thus the student will be able to receive research guidance from diverse viewpoints as well as support in various career paths.  An advisory committee will inspect the student’s research plans and level of achievement once every half year.

Work-in-Progress Research Meetings [Office for Promotion of Graduate Education]

To foster Ph.D. students to be independent researchers and technologists in integrative or multiple fields in addition to their own fields, we are creating a system in which research meetings are held twice every year to share and exchange findings.  Through such research meetings, students can learn about the challenges of the most cutting-edge research in integrative and multiple separate fields.  By having doctoral students in their beginning stages participate in interdisciplinary courses as well as in practical programs created by MEXT’s “Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate School” and “Development of Advanced IT Specialists” programs, we will give them practical knowledge and experience in integrative fields.

International Workshops for Young Researchers [Office for Development of Young Scientists and Engineers]

Targeting young researchers including doctoral students in this COE program, we will plan and hold small-scale workshops in cooperation with universities and research institutions both within and without Japan.  The workshops will be held as camps or retreats, which will allow young researchers to discuss their research at length (over one hour per person), a format that allows deeper exchanges not possible with usual international meetings.  By making it possible to have intense discussions and exchanges among promising young researchers who seek to pioneer the future of their fields, it enables them to develop the three abilities described above.  At the same time, by cultivating a network of researchers with IST as the nucleus, we seek to develop IST into a leading international center of education and research.

Global COE Program Student Support [Office for Development of Young Scientists and Engineers]

Employ doctoral students as research assistants (RA) and provide financial assistance for research expenses of doctoral students.  Specifically, the sterring committee of this COE will decide on doctoral students to hire as RAs and research programs to support by reviewing applications obtained through open opportunity announcements.

Strengthening of Internationalization Program [Office for Promotion of International Collaboration]

To foster human resources who can carry out activities internationally, we will have students participate in the “Promotion of Internationalism in University Education (Support of Strategic International Cooperation)” program currently underway in IST.  Through this participation, they can directly attend conferences of foreign researchers working internationally in integrative or separate fields, exchange viewpoints, and learn about the forefront of research in their fields, while at the same time refining their international research sense.  Also, through overseas internships and active participation in international conferences, they can obtain overseas research experience.  Furthermore, with the aid of foreign instructors inside and outside of school, doctoral students can receive full individual guidance in the writing of their theses in English and in giving English presentations.

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