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Developing Young Researchers

This is page describes plans for developing young researchers including doctoral students at the Center of Excellence for Founding Ambient Information Society Infrastructure

To build a superior COE, it is critical to develop the human resources of young researchers. This COE will foster highly developed human resources to lead the development of an ambient information society by using as an anchor the development of the three killer abilities (design, communication, and management) described above. Toward this end, we have set up the following goals:

(1) Develop top human resources who have the capability to be employed as assistant professors or postdoctoral fellows in overseas universities, or as research team leaders or project managers in industry with international activities. Our goal is to place at least the top three doctoral students each year on this career path.

(2) Among the doctoral students we produce, ensure that at least 50% possess the three killer abilities. As specific examples, produce doctoral students with TOEIC scores in at least the B rank (able to appropriately communicate under any circumstance), who have presented papers at international conferences at least twice, and who have participated in group projects organized by the internship system.




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